Saturday, January 2, 2010

Please Dont Leave Me

The tears keep coming,
I knew this would happen
Everything I do,
It's always been like this
I was too honest in saying 'I love you'
I'm always a fool like this.
I didn't take a shower when I got home
Afraid that your scent will go away
I hate being apart from you even like this.

Are you really never going to see me again?
How well does that other person treat you
I'd rather admit to everything that's happened
Please don't leave me.

What's the problem?
Whatever it is, I can fix it
If you'll like me again like when we first met
The friends I had b/c of you, I no longer have

I don't need anything
Your trust is the only thing I need
Pretending as if nothing ever happened
Let's start over again from the beginning
Please don't ever leave me.

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